The Ultimate Guide to Wear Peak Lapels

Peak Lapels

The solution when it comes to looking your finest with the help of men’s fashion is something of an enigma, since there is — more often than not — a single solution that tends to trump everything else. In the world of men’s fashion, if you want to make a statement and look your very best, the solution is undoubtedly to don a suit. Even those who feel like they might not look good in a suit has probably just never experienced the sheer majesty of a well-tailored suit.

I’m willing to bet all of the virtual cash on the Internet that all any guy needs is a well-tailored suit to genuinely look their best. The reason why it’s something of an enigma in fashion is the fact that women’s fashion has an onion’s worth of layers when it comes to the various nuances, and looking good is never as clear-cut as it seems. When it comes to guys, something as simple as wearing a well-fitting suit can turn the tables, turn heads, and turn just about everyone into believers.

Why the Suit Matters

Suit Matters

While the suit tends to be the end-all be-all of men’s fashion, it doesn’t mean that there are no variations to choose from. As a matter of fact, the variations are exactly why a good suit is always in demand. For example, what reasons would there be to purchase a three-piece suit over the more classical two-piece? The answer is as follows:

  • The three-piece suit is often better for more formal events. For those who thought that the two-piece suit is only usable in formal events has clearly never seen a three-piece suit. In the world of well-tailored suits, the three-piece opens the door of new possibilities for those who want to make a statement with what they are wearing. The three-piece suit is an excellent choice, and a sharp dressed man with such a suit will look great no matter the design.
  • Some people just love that vest. The biggest difference between the three-piece and two-piece suit would be the addition of the vest, and it’s something that people just can’t get enough of. There is something wildly different about wearing a vest compared to what others might have on with a two-piece suit.
  • It adds an extra layer to the more casual look. Did you think that the three-piece suit is only great for formal events? Think again! The three-piece suit is considered the more formal cousin of the two-piece suit, but how would you think to make such a thing more casual. In the case of both types, you remove the jacket/blazer. With the two-piece, you end up with your dress shirt, pants, and all the trimmings. With the three-piece, you somehow look even more fantastic since you get to showcase the vest!
  • You want a two-piece suit? Lose the vest. Last but certainly not least of the “Why the Three-Piece Suit is Great Fan Club,” if you must have a two-piece suit, it might be a good idea to go with the three-piece anyway. After all, the only thing you’d have to do would be to lose the vest and bam! Totally different look.

Put simply, the suit matters because there are so many different ways to enjoy wearing a suit! While I just listed all the reasons why the three-piece is fantastic, much of it can be attributed to the two-piece suit as well. They’re both great choices, and it has to do with personal preference when it comes to what you want.

There is Always a Different Way to Wear a Suit

Wear a Suit

If there is one thing the little guide above teaches, it’s that there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a suit. It doesn’t really fit a single demographic — even the three-piece suit that is often considered to be the more formal version of the two-piece does not necessarily have to stay within the realm of formal. As stated above, you would just have to get rid of the vest, or perhaps remove the jacket to get an entirely different effect. For the two-piece, you could even have suspenders on just to add to that classic air!

In any case, the reason why it’s important to note that you can wear a suit in a variety of ways is that there are many other designs out there to choose from. One such design would be the main topic of this article, and I believe it’s time to introduce the guest of honor. I introduce to you, the peak lapel blazer!

A Little Lesson in the Ways of the Suit


It’s entirely understandable for most guys to not know what a lapel even is. They might even have a suit right this moment in the wardrobe, but if you ask them what the suit lapel is, they’ll likely just shrug. It’s an entirely understandable scenario, because when it comes to the practicality of the lapel, it honestly doesn’t have any practical value. In a suit that is oozing with professionalism and practicality, it’s a bit odd that the lapel stands out as something that serves only an aesthetic purpose.

That said, an understanding of lapels in general will at least help most see why it’s an advantageous part of any suit. The lapel is basically the front part of the jacket that is neatly folded to the chest, and continues on through the collar. As a matter of fact, the root word of lapel is lap, which is to fold something. Lap’s an easy enough word to understand, since you end up making a lap whenever you would sit down.

In the case of the lapel, it’s all about the design choice for the suit known as the peak lapel. You’ve likely already seen it’s design all over the place (as well as the images in this article), so there’s little need to get into more of the details. All that matters is the way it looks, and how that can affect the way people see a suit.

How Peak Lapels Make an Impact


The classic two-piece suit exudes a sense of confidence while not necessarily being too gaudy or flashy. The three-piece suit has the same level of confidence, except with a bit of muted flashiness in the form of the vest — though the levels of flashiness could very well change depending on the color and design of the suit, as well as many of the various parts. As far as dressing to impress goes, the tuxedo would be one of the flashiest types of suit around. You can’t really get dressier than a well-tailored tuxedo.

That said, for most tuxedos, you’ll notice that the lapel is poking up much higher than it should be. That would be how the peak lapel works, and it makes more of an aesthetic impact than the typical lapel. While most tuxedos will have a peak lapel, you’ll find that few practical two-piece suits have a suit lapels designed that way. The ones that do undoubtedly make an impact, since you do not see them very often.

It is for that reason that people who genuinely want to turn heads with what they’re wearing would go for peak lapels in regular suits.

The Various Lapels That Make the Suit


As stated above, various designs for the lapels are often more striking on a tuxedo, but the regular suit also has designs that can help you step up your game in matters of practically men’s fashion. For example, aside from the peak lapel, there are two other (primary) variants to consider. One would be the notch lapel suit, where the lapel folded in such a way that it forms a triangle, and the shawl lapel, where it is folded to the point that there are no edges.

Of the primary varieties, there are even more variants to consider, such as the wide and narrow versions. It can be kind of confusing, but you pretty much just go with the one that speaks to you the most (not literally of course). In the case of the peak lapel, there are also wide peak lapel suits as well as the narrow peak!

So, Where Exactly Does the Peak Lapel Work Best?

black  coat

Talking about where the peak lapel suit works best is — in many ways — talking about where the regular suit works best. Keep in mind that versatility is where the suits shine, and it’s often up to you to figure out where you want to use them. For example, do you already know when you want to use your favorite tux? Then you already know where to use suits that have a peak lapel design.

That said, there are those that are still confused about the many nuances and differences, which is why I’ve got you covered. If you’re confused about when to get the various lapel styles out of the wardrobe, you use it when:

  • It’s time to do some public speaking. Wearing different suits can often mean different things to people, and the varying styles have their own little bits of symbolism that can help push the look you’re going for. In the case of the peak lapel, the need for such a style reaches its peak (sorry) when it’s time to do some public speaking. Of all the moments when to use a peak lapel suit, it would undoubtedly be right at this moment. As a matter of fact, the suit was practically made for such a calling!
  • You’re attending your own wedding. Considering the fact that a wedding calls for guys to don their favorite suit, you’re going to want to blow everyone else’s getup out of the water as the groom. There are few variants more successful at that than the peaked lapel blazer. While most people attending the wedding will go for their favorite suits, you won’t find too many that will make use of a peaked lapel just because they think it might be a little too flashy. However, this is your wedding! Make it as flashy as possible with your favorite design and a peak lapel to establish dominance!

While there are a grand total of two scenarios when it might be ideal to make use of the peak lapel, keep in mind that the biggest factor would be personal preference. While it might work very well for public speaking and weddings, it can also work well for anything that calls for the use of a tuxedo, such as going to a party that makes use of cocktail attire. At the end of the day, it’s the kind of suit you would use if you were looking to really impress someone — making it a good choice for the first date.

Peak Lapels: The Peak of Suit Design?

blue coat

As we head into the end of the article, an important thing to note would be where it stands in the pantheon of suits. Which one is the best? Which one is not very ideal in most situations? Such questions are always being asked, but the answer still firmly lies within the person wearing the suit. If you much prefer a wide notch lapel over a shawl lapel, more power to you! If you want to wear the peak lapel to just about any event, then all you have to do is wear it.

Aside from the choice of lapel, there are also plenty of other factors that go into personalizing a suit. There’s the type of tie, the color, the belt, the bag, the shoes, the dress shirt, the vest; there are so many factors that you can have plenty of fun looking for your favorite combinations. The best part is that you can use a peak lapel for every design and it’s still going to look great — provided you choose the ones you want! Why not give it a shot? Peak lapels are relatively rare outside of tuxedos, so why not push it back into style by wearing it to the next formal part or business event? Be confident, and make use of the very best to give yourself an edge!

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