How to Wear a Blue Suit with Brown Shoes


Without looking anything up, what would you say is the most iconic look when it comes to men’s fashion? I’ll give you five seconds — wait, you’ve already thought of it haven’t you? You’re thinking of a suit, right? What kind of suit? Three-piece? The addition of the vest does make the suit look rather fetching. Anyway, the point of the question to begin with is the fact that when it comes to a look that properly conveys the various nuances of male fashion in the perfect combination, it would be the classic suit. Whether two-piece or three-piece, whether classical or a more personalized look to fit what you might like, the suit is an incredible part of men’s fashion.

Dare I say it, the suit has a timeless nature that simply cannot be beat by most other types of fashion icons out there. You can pit the look against the ever-faithful T-shirt and jeans, and the suit will still somehow steal the victory. That said, there is something more to choosing a suit that tends to set it apart from the rest of the crowd. When looking for the aforementioned shirt and jeans combo, you typically just go with what’s most comfortable. With the suit, it’s a little tricker.

The many (emphasis on man) intricacies of the suit


Whenever someone wears a suit to any kind of event, it can often be hard to take your eyes off of the person until you’ve taken in the look of the entire suit. How well it fits him, the combination of colors, and the little personal touches all play a part in the overall look, and it can be extremely fascinating even if you didn’t plan on staring for too long. Even guys that do not typically make too much of a big deal out of fashion will find themselves admiring a man in a suit, since it’s just what having a suit does. Not convinced? Here are just some of the many benefits guys have when they don the timeless suit.

  • It’s pretty much the one look that demands attention for men. While there are undoubtedly plenty of other looks out there that are designed to catch the eyes, there are few looks that can outperform the suit’s ability to turn heads. When it comes to going to any kind of event, going in a suit is pretty much asking people to observe you under a microscope. It’s a fashion statement that makes sense, and it’s one that typically doesn’t escape scrutiny.
  • It wants (demands) preferential treatment. If you’re looking for a look where people automatically treat you better, there are no choices more effective than the suit. When it comes to just about anywhere you go, wearing a professional and dapper looking suit will land you quite a bit of preferential treatment! While it might seem a bit strange, all you have to do is give it a shot. No matter where you go, you’ll find that people are more willing to be polite if you have a suit. It’s kind of a strange phenomenon, but suits are as enigmatic as they are classy.
  • It’s incredibly practical. While every man already knows just how effective a suit can be when it comes to demanding attention and preferential treatment, it also pays to understand just how practical it can be to wear a suit. For example, those who have a wardrobe of different combinations are more likely to spend their time trying to find something to wear (obviously). In the case of the suit, most guys have a specific look they like, which makes it much easier to get dressed in the morning. It isn’t the height of men’s fashion if it isn’t practical!
  • It’s cheap. Last but certainly not least, did you know that when compared to many other fashion statements out there, the suit is probably one of the cheapest outfits to have? Even if you have it tailor-made with the best possible cloth, it’s still going to run you much less than if you went with a random piece from some fashion show. The addition of brands can make things much more expensive than they have to be, while suits tend to stay classy both in overall look, and overall price.

There’s honestly so much more to say about suits, as they are basically the pinnacle of men’s fashion when it all boils down to it. However, understanding the suit is only the first part of the equation — the next part involves understanding what makes guys look good in a suit, and how you can accomplish the same thing. I’ll admit that it can all seem a little intimidating, but it won’t be very long before you start coming up with your own personal touch for the suit.

On the topic of color combinations

formal wear

Off the top of your head (again), what do you think would be the most attractive looking color combinations for a suit? In most cases, you’ve probably thought of a few muted colors, since that’s typically where the strength of a suit lies. Most guys would want to play it safe when it comes to the suit, which is why the ever timeless grey and brown suits tend to get the most attention. However, one of the secrets of men’s fashion lies in its ability to break the mold in the face of restrictions.

After all, most fashion do’s and don’ts are not necessarily a strict set of rules, but just a bunch of guidelines to help people find their personal look. If you want to make use of brighter colors for suits, that’s your prerogative — and it’s a fine prerogative to have. For those who are in the middle when it comes to muted and vivid suits, there is a combination out there that has the tendency to turn the most heads, and that is the legendary blue suit brown shoes combo. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal for those that haven’t seen it, but try to imagine a navy blue suit and brown shoes for a moment. It’s great, right?

The idea of making the most out of colors depends largely on personal preference, but the big topic of this article involves the simple impact of a blue suit with a pair of simple brown shoes. It’s a look that many people want to perfect, but the execution is a bit trickier than it should be. For example, what’s the best type of suit to use with the blue color? Heck, what shade of color should it be? After all, blue has the capacity to be muted and professional, or vivid and full of life. There is also the shade of the shoes to consider, and how the overall look might seem to others, though that technically is not as important as everything else. After all, it’s all about how you feel!

Rocking the shade


Now that you can see why all the blue suits and brown shoes are the talk of the town, it’s time to consider the various shades of the combination. In this case, we’ll be talking about not just the shade of the suit, but the shoes as well, as the two will work in tandem to get the job done. For those who might not necessarily be in the know, blue and brown are complementary colors that have their own individual properties, but somehow do great together.

In the case of the suit, we’re going to go with perhaps the most popular shade of the blue suit and brown shoes combo — the darker shades. The dark navy suit brown shoes combo to be exact. While there are plenty of names for the colors of suits and shoes, in this case it would be navy blue, and chocolate or burgundy brown shoes. Why does it get the job done and look classy? Because it helps showcase an extremely professional look with a vivid color combination while simultaneously staying classy due to the darker hues.

Does it mean that going for a lighter shade of blue is a bad idea? No, not at all. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you try as many shades as possible to see which one you feel fits you best. That said, lighter shades of browns for the shoes might not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t let that stop you if that’s what you want to do! After all, the most important person you would want to impress would be yourself. The use of light brown shoes just isn’t recommended for those that might not necessarily care too much about showcasing a vivid brown color for shoes. For anyone who wants to rock the look of light brown with a blue suit, ensure that the suit is a lighter shade as well!

Finding the best type of suit for the occasion!

blue coat

Learning all about the best blue suit brown shoes is a great deal of fun, though that’s not the extent of such a suit’s potential. In fact, it’s far from it as there’s so much more to talk about when it comes to making the suit work. For example, there are two types of suits to consider when making use of the blue and brown combination, especially for those looking to personalize their overall look and impress their friends, and family, and family friends, and the friends of their family (and more). There is the classic two-piece suit, and the more formal three-piece suit, which includes the vest and all the trimmings.

Typically, when you’re looking at the classic suit, there’s much more room for a less formal approach. It’s the reason why you see some people rocking an untucked and unbuttoned look with their blue suit and brown shoes. In those kinds of cases, the use of lighter hues might actually be one of the bigger advantages. The advantages of the two-piece suit are as follows!

  • It can work in casual and formal events. Considering that one of the most important parts of men’s fashion happens to be practicality, it is no wonder why the two-piece suit is considered to be a classic. The overall look is one that can be used in both casual affairs and formal events. With a lighter shade of blue and a pair of sleek brown dress shoes, it can look crisp and clean.
  • The two-piece suit is easier to customize. While it might not seem like a big deal for those that want a cleaner look with their suit, the capacity of the two-piece suit to be heavily customized can be utilized to great effect by, well, just about anyone. It’s a lot like having (extremely attractive) clay that was used to mold your likeness, that somehow looks twice as attractive, but you can’t put your finger on it.
  • It is typically the first choice. When you consider all of the various advantages of the two-piece suit, it has a tendency to win out when put in competition with the three-piece counterpart. Granted, the only real difference would be the vest, but it can still have a tremendous effect on the way you express yourself, which is where much of the magic of men’s fashion lies.

Without a doubt, the two-piece suit has a one-size-fits-all quality that makes it an excellent first choice for beginners and suit veterans alike. If it’s your first time purchasing a suit and you want a great blue and brown combo, then the use of a two-piece suit is recommended. That said, the three-piece still has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, and it would be remiss not to talk about it!

  • The three-piece suit is specifically for formal events. While the two-piece suit is known for being a great choice for both casual and formal, the three-piece suit edges out the more classical counterpart when it comes to the most formal of events. Attending something like a wedding in a three-piece suit will have people wondering if you’re the groom — unless of course, you are the groom, and in that case, you made an excellent choice.
  • The three-piece can be turned into a two-piece suit. While it’s true that the three-piece suit still has enough differences that it can’t be turned exactly into a two-piece suit, it doesn’t change the fact that it can get the job done in a pinch. In such cases, some guys tend to hedge their bets by going for the full-on three-piece experience, and simply removing the vest when the situation calls for it.
  • The three-piece looks best with darker hues. While the color combination and shade is a matter of opinion, when it comes to the blue suit brown shoes combo, there are few looks that can beat out a three-piece suit with the dark navy jacket, pants, and burgundy brown shoes. At that point you could practically choose any color of dress shirt you want, as everyone will not be able to keep their eyes off of the combination.

While many guys would want to make use of the classical two-piece’s overall versatility, it does not change the fact that in the right situation, the three-piece can make heads turn and jaws hit the floor. It might be a bit more situational, but it works! When it comes to rocking a specific kind of suit, both types have their own set of advantages, and very few disadvantages overall.

Making sure it’s a comfortable fit

While there’s been a lot of talk about the combinations of various blue and brown hues when paired with different types of suits, this is probably the most crucial piece of the puzzle. If this isn’t done right, it won’t matter how much you might have spent on your suit — it basically will not even look half as good as it otherwise would have if this particular aspect is neglected. The way the suit fits often matters so much more than many of the other aspects that it’s almost ridiculous.

It has something to do with the way a well-tailored suit can make a guy look so much more professional, not just in the eyes of others but even in the eyes of the wearer. It practically transforms the wearer, though such a thing is only fully possible with the help of a well-tailored suit. The fit is crucial, and without the right kind of fit, it can be hard to pull off any look. With a proper fit, you might even be able to rock a lighter hue of brown shoes with any shade of blue for the suit. 

Ensuring that the rest of the details gel up

When it comes to choosing the best type of look to go with a color combination as iconic as blue and brown, it’s pretty much crucial to go with combinations that fit rather than try to mix and match different colors together. Looking at someone wearing a suit that’s been personalized a little too much can be exhausting, especially if they didn’t match their bag and their belt with their shoes. 

If you are interested in a specific shade of brown for your dress shoes (other shoes work but dress shoes rock the suit), a general rule of thumb would be to go for belts and bags that match the color of the shoes. While it’s pretty much possible to go with any color of belt, as stated above, you don’t want to give people headaches trying to figure out your look. You want to make sure that you’re easy on the eyes, and the best thing to do would be to combine a few of the same colors to elevate the look.

Which tie works for a blue suit and brown shoes?


Fortunately, while the belt and the bag might require a bit of discipline, the tie’s another matter entirely. There are some colors that some might not recommend, but it is often just a matter of opinion. For example, if you’ve been eyeing that eye-popping orange tie to match with a dark blue suit, why not take the plunge? Provided the suit fits well and you’re matching your belt with your shoes, something as seemingly unfitting as an orange tie could very well pop the right way, especially if you intend to wear it with a three-piece suit.

You know, you could also just go all the way and go for a brown tie as well; no-one would blame you since the combination works just fine. It can be particularly striking with a polka dotted tie, but maybe that’s just me.

The bottom line

As far as wearing a suit is concerned, there are few combinations as potent as the dark blue suit and the brown dress shoes. In a lot of ways, the combination is as much a classic as the suit itself, and there are various ways you can personalize the look. For example, you can go for a clashing color for the dress shirt and still manage to pull off the professional look just because the blue and brown combination is so striking. If you are looking to put all the attention in the room towards you, one of the best ways to do it would be to don a navy blue three-piece suit with the best brown dress shoes you have.

The best part? You won’t really have to worry too much about the price, at least compared to the price of other fashion pieces out there. Choosing the best kind of suit for you is almost like going to a candy store where everything is your favorite flavor. It is a timeless look for men, and the combination of colors are bound to be the talk of the town. Just, don’t go wearing a suit to a children’s birthday party unless you’re ready to get cake on that fancy fabric!

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