10+ Different Ties to Wear with a Blue Suit (Recommended)

Men’s fashion can be something of an enigma sometimes. One one hand you have the fashion gurus and icons creating expensive works of art that (sometimes) resembles a plastic bag compared to a fashion statement that changes the world. On the other hand you have some random fellow walking into a store that tailor-make suit, and manages to get something that fits him so much better than just about everything else you can think of — all at a fraction of a price.

It almost seems unfair, considering that fashion is full of strange nuances, that men’s fashion can get away with such a thing. However, all men rejoice, as we are undoubtedly getting away with it! It’s the very reason why any guy would recommend having at least a single full suit in the wardrobe for any occasion. Even those who might not necessarily have any reason to own a suit, should have one anyway, because you can use it for plenty of different things.

Is a suit really that versatile?


Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Yes but longer. Just kidding — there are plenty of different reasons why a suit would be considered versatile and practical, and much of it depends on perspective. For those who aren’t really used to seeing people wearing suits, seeing a person with a two-piece suit might have them seem overly dressed for the occasion. However, one look at the three-piece suit (the one with the vest) and suddenly, the two piece suit feels that much more informal. 

As if that wasn’t enough, you could pretty much remove the vest to turn it into a two-piece suit. Still too formal? Remove the blazer/jacket. Still too formal? Untuck that dress shirt, and maybe fold the cuffs upward to the elbow (or above it). You see what I mean? A suit can be extremely versatile, and there are various layers that can make it an incredible outfit no matter the situation. For those that are looking for a bit more proof, here are just some events where a suit is perfectly, uhm, suitable.

  • Weddings. The two-piece and three-piece suit were practically made for weddings. If men aren’t too sure about how best to dress when it comes to an event as formal as a wedding, all they have to do is grab a suit. They could even rent one if they were worried about the price! That said, it’s always best to have at least one, and yes, I’m likely going to repeat myself some more because it’s worth saying more than once.
  • Job interviews. It doesn’t matter what job interview it is — having a suit prepared for the interview can help show people that you’re serious about getting that job. Is it necessary for some of the most casual interviews? Probably not. However, even if people might not be used to having applicants wearing a full suit for their particular line of job interviews, keep in mind that wearing a well-fitted suit can give you a bit of preferential treatment. It just works!
  • The first date. Why the first date? Because why not the first date! To some women, there aren’t enough men out there that show they can be classy and professional, and you can prove them wrong by showing up in your best possible suit. Of course, you can still wear that suit to the second or third date, but the first date is quite possibly the most important.
  • During the prom! While some guys might argue that they’re too young to be wearing a suit, I’m going to argue that they’re too young to be arguing about being too young to wear a suit! There is no such thing as too young when it comes to wearing a full-fledged suit. Have you seen some twelve-year-olds wearing a suit to events because their parents want them to look great? Well, they look great right? Even if you aren’t looking to impress, wear a suit anyways. It’ll look fantastic, and you’re going to look back fondly to the time you turned heads wearing a suit to the prom.
  • Just about any business event. Well, this one is obvious, but it doesn’t mean that you can be lax when it comes to choice of suit. Everyone else will likely be wearing a suit, which means it’s time to pull out all the stops and go for the suit that fits you best. Keep in mind that if you want to wear a suit correctly, the best way to do it would be to have it tailor-made that it fits your exact dimensions. That’s not necessarily just a tip for those looking to impress during a business event — it’s a life tip for just about anyone that wants to look their best while wearing a suit.

I’m not kidding when I say that there are a ton of other events where utilizing a suit can score you extra points. It would be wise not to underestimate the power of a suit, as it can help push the look of any guy past levels they might not have thought possible!

So, what’s the best possible color for a suit?


The best possible color is a bit tricky, since so much of it depends on personal preference. That said, if we’re going both on my personal preference and the preference of the general public, you can’t go wrong with a blue suit. It’s such a tremendously viable color that the use of a deep shade of blue on your suit means you can pretty much wear it wherever you want. Heck, why not wear it to your favorite fast food joint? You might get preferential treatment even!

Jokes aside though, there’s no denying that blue is one of the best possible colors to utilize. Blue is what many would consider to be the jack of all trades, and when you look at pictures of suits on the Internet, a majority of it will include blue suits, and probably also have brown shoes. You’ll likely notice that the belt tends to match the color of the shoes; that’s typically done on purpose because it looks great.

Now that we know that a blue suit is fantastic and generally works with everything, it’s time for the biggest question of the entire article!

What are great ties that go with blue suits?

formal wear

The majority of this article will be spent talking about ties and how well they can go with various shades of blue, because it deserves to be talked about. You have people wondering which color is the best for suits, and then you have others wondering about the dress shirt, the shoes, the belt, the bag, and even the hairstyle! There aren't enough people talking about the many wonders of ties, which is actually understandable because there’s a very good reason why.

When it comes to which types of tie goes great with the classic navy blue suit, the fact of the matter is that practically any tie will do. So much of how the tie works is tied (sorry) to personal preference that it can be challenging to talk about which one fits. At the end of the day, when you find something that strikes your fancy, you go with that one and it will work.

However, it does provide an extra challenge for those that don’t necessarily trust their gut when it comes to ties. In this case, I’m willing to provide a quick step-by-step concerning the various colors of ties available that go with blue suits, and how it’s best utilized. While it might not necessarily be the end-all be-all of suit articles, ties are some of the more confusing parts of a suit’s arsenal, and it pays to know exactly what to do to get the job done.

Utilizing the blue tie


I can imagine some people rolling their eyes at the combination, but there’s a reason why it’s such a popular choice — because it works. After all, going for a blue tie does not mean utilizing the same hue as the suit! When it comes to the blue suit and tie, you can expect the suit to have a vibrant and fresh look, especially if you go with specific designs such as the pindot design. Aside from the various designs, there are also other textures for ties that we’ll be talking more about later. There are plenty of hues to choose from, and you can go with either a shade brighter or darker than the suit. It all depends on your preference!

Realizing the grey tie’s potential

blue coat

If you’re not necessarily looking to impress and are instead looking to exude an air of seriousness, the use of a grey tie can help you achieve such a look with a blue suit. Typically, the use of grey ties might seem a bit strange when paired with a blue suit, but if you make use of charcoal grey with a dark blue suit, the effect is immediate. All you have to do is look into the mirror for a second to see the effect it has. The effect is somber, though it does not necessarily mean that it’s all serious with a grey tie. If you want to add a bit more of a vibrant look to it, a lighter shade can get the job done without any issues.

How does the red tie hold up?

blue coat

The red tie might need a little bit of work, because it can be quite easy to pair a blue suit with a red tie and come up with something that looks a little too gaudy and attention-seeking. While some will undoubtedly make the look work, you do not necessarily have to blind people with the color combination. You can instead go for various designs for the red tie, such as the pinstripe design. The blue and red combination is typically a display of power, but it isn’t always something that holds up to scrutiny without a bit of creativity. When considering red ties, look into the various designs for the best combination!

The fresh green tie

blue blazer

While I said that the blue tie designs earlier can help provide a fresh look, the green tie is fresh for an entirely different reason. Compared to the blue tie that still has an air of formal professionalism about it no matter what design you choose, the green tie can help provide a more conservative and at times casual look. It tends to look even better when you consider it with a pleasantly colored dress shirt, as green ties can be quite easy on the eyes.

The powerful golden tie

blue blazer

The golden tie is something that not everyone thinks to use for their suit, but in many ways, the effect is similar to a well-chosen red tie with a proper blue suit. The look provides something for those looking for a bit more of an imposing and powerful air. For those that want to be the talk of the event, the use of a proper gold tie with a dark blue suit will practically turn you into a shining beacon! It can be hard to go for a muted look when you make use of a golden tie, but the use of darker shades can help provide a similar look without necessarily blinding everyone with the effect. 

For example, an extremely dark hue of blue mixed with a gold tie is a powerful combo that often leaves other combinations in the dust. There is something exceedingly confident about it that is a good choice for those who want to leave an impression.

Going for a tan look


It’s understandable to think that the tan tie might provide a similar effect to the golden tie, but the difference — surprisingly — is like night and day. As a matter of fact, the tan tie and blue suit combinations have more in common with the green tie than with the gold. That said, a lot of it still depends on the overall design of the tan tie and the choice of shade for the suit. 

While it might be recommended to have the same color belt as the shoes, it would be a great idea to switch for a different color of brown for the suit. The tan tie’s effect is similar to that of the brown tie. It has a surprisingly summery and optimistic look that can help most people look more approachable overall.

The simple impact of the plaid tie


While not necessarily so much of a shade as it is a design, the plaid tie has its place in the pantheon of men’s fashion as being one of the classics. When wearing the classical two-piece suit, having a plaid tie of just about any color helps exude that feeling of practicality and confidence that men’s fashion is known for. While it might not always turn heads, it is a highly reliable and practical look that can be appreciated by just about anyone. It’s a good look overall, and it has its place in the list of ties that go with blue suits. 

The double-striped tie’s alluring design


Going for the trend of design over shade, the double-striped tie is there to provide a combination of casual and professional to new levels. For example, the use of a grey tie mixed with a double-striped design can provide a special combination that just about any blue suit would look good in. It helps that the double-striped tie’s main focus is similar to the focus of the blue suit — to provide a mix of casual and professional. It’s a modern look that works for most people, and will likely work for you too!

Offering something different with knitted ties

blue wear

Men’s fashion is all about making the most out of creative restrictions. For example, everyone knows the way a suit is supposed to look. People often exercise their creativity through the use of various designs to help make the suit pop. That said, what exactly can you use to make a blue suit pop? It just seems to work so well as a professional suit that it can be hard to make changes that really matter. Fortunately, there is a means of making a statement in a different way, and you can get the job done with a knitted tie.

 No, it won’t necessarily look like your grandmother made your tie and you’re proudly showcasing her work, but it does look close enough to that. You’ll have people looking at the tie, curious at the design since there’s just something amazing about a knitted tie. 

Pushing for comfort with the wool tie

formal wear

Since we’re already in the realm of things that grandma made for us, why not go with a wool tie as well? Similar to the knitted tie, the wool tie has that comforting effect that can easily make an all-too-formal suit feel more approachable. For those that have a dark navy blue combination of suit, having any colored wool tie can be an excellent choice no matter the situation. It can help to change things up with a wool tie, and most people will probably appreciate the combination.

The pure white tie

blue coat

Now that we’re getting to the endgame of what makes a tie great, why not go for one that is pretty much as pure as it gets? You can’t go wrong with a white tie, and it can have a surprisingly stimulating effect on the rest of the suit. Perhaps it’s because of the fact that white and blue are a complementary color combination, and you will find plenty of eyes on you if you go for a white tie. You could also go the extra mile and wear a white belt and perhaps even white shoes, but that’s up to you! At the end of the day, the white tie is always an agreeable combination with a blue suit.

The paisley design


If there is one design that helps most people with just about any color of tie, it would be the paisley design. For example, every shade of color mentioned above, undoubtedly works with the paisley design. There is something professional about it, and it helps to turn an otherwise vivid and casual color into something that more easily fits into a business event. It’s also something that you can wear to a restaurant and feel generally great about.

Everything in between!


As stated above, the blue suit is often so versatile that questions such as “what color tie with navy suit,” and “what are the best ties to wear with navy suit” are almost considered trick questions. So many different tie combinations work, and they all merge together to create something meaningful for the suit. While it’s understandable to still be on the fence when it comes to making your choice, consider the many choices above! There are plenty of reasons why just about every tie works, and you will undoubtedly find a combination that you love. There’s little to worry about when it comes to the combination of suits as it pretty much all fits.

The bottom line!

I feel that everything that needs saying about which ties go best with a blue suit has already been said above. The only thing that can never be understated is the importance of your personal preference. After all, blue is a great color to bounce with many others. You could even make it work with orange if you really wanted, and an orange tie can be hard to tie (sorry) with most other looks outside of the Halloween black and orange combination. Blue works with so many things that it’s almost impossible to make a mistake. So, if you want my advice, I suggest that you try your best to have fun when looking for various combinations. Don’t feel too bogged down by potentially looking bad, since a blue suit that is fit to your dimensions is more than enough to make a difference. 

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